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Top 7 Engagement Poses

So you just got engaged and it's time for your engagement pictures. You know what you want to wear and how you want them to look but don’t want to know how to pose.

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered with 7 fun, easy, and flattering poses for the perfect engagement or wedding pictures.

1. Traditional Smile

I normally call this the mom and dad pose because it's a crowd favorite, especially with parents and grandparents because they love seeing your smiling faces.

Stand side by side and pull one another in close and smile.

2. Walk Toward Me

I LOVE adding movement to photos because it makes you feel a bit more natural. Stand next to your partner and hold hands. Then have one partner wrap their other arm around get nice and close.

Walk through the camera smiling and laughing.

3. Forehead to Forehead

This one is a favorite of mine.

I prompt couples to put their foreheads together. Have one partner grab the jacket or shirt and pull the other close. Smile big and have fun.

This is also the PERFECT time to sneak in a kiss if you want.

4. Bear Hug

This is always a fun one.

I prompt the taller partner to come up behind the other and wrap their arms around in a big bear hug.

I’ll most likely prompt the behind partner to kiss your cheek and snuggle into their neck.

Just remember it's a hug and don't tackle your partner.

5. Over the Back

This is a less national pose but a fun one.

Have one partner sit on the ground and the other on their knees behind them.

Have the partner behind wrap their arms around the partner on the ground and place lay their head on top of theirs.

6. Twirl

Like the walking pose this is a great pose to add movement to your pictures.

I prompt my couple to hold hands the hand farthest from the camera.

This way their hands do NOT cover their faces while they are twirling.

Remember to smile and have fun with this one!

7. Laughing

Is it even an engagement session without a laughing picture?

You can do this with a wide variety of poses and any of the poses listed above.

Tell your couple to look at each other smile big and laugh a little.

Pretty soon they will be laughing about how silly they feel but I promise they will look cute.

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