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Likewise Bridal Shoot

Japanese legend holds that 1,000 origami cranes folded will usher in peace & good will and I would say the cranes helped us capture some breath taking images! When I saw this set up at Likewise Community I knew I had to photograph it. With a location and dress (Thank you Tesori) ready to go Mikayla stepped up to model for me with only a few hours notice.

She said, "My dear friend posted at 3 am she needed someone to model at 9 am. I was like, screw it I’ve been trying to overcome a LOT of fears lately. So I rolled up at 9:15 am with some 10 minute makeup, 5 minute hair. And bam, I felt like a queen after seeing what was captured. If only y’all knew the stress from this little morning session; but these ladies made it SO comfortable."

When Mikayla arrives I could tell she was like stressed and uncomfortable about being in front of the camera but with a little direction I could see her personality start to shine through and her confidence grow. As a photographer my number one job to make you comfortable in front of the camera and help build up your confidence. After sending Mikayla a few sneaks peeks she said how amazing she felt and how we made her feel like a queen. There is no higher complement then that right there for me.

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